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I have just started to produce my own Third Reich Dagger display boxes.

These are produced by me and hand crafted.

There are 2 types. Solid wood with window boxes and solid boxes with no window.

The boxes with windows are solid wood and can be stained to any colour. The ones pictures are stained in dark oak and ebony.

The solid boxes (with no window) are vinyl wrapped and lined with velvet.

The boxes have fastening straps to secure your dagger and scabbard in place so that they can be wall mounted 


I can make these bespoke for any Third Reich dagger and they are set into a foam base and then lined with velvet. I currently have different colours of velvet to go with your dagger. These are Red, Green, Navy Blue and Dark Grey

As they are hand crafted from scratch I would ask that you allow 2 weeks after initial purchase request.

I would ask that you send me the dagger (if possible) so that they can be fit to the exact specifications of your dagger.

You just need to let me know;

1.What dagger the box is for

2.Whether you want a box with window or solid box.

3. What colour velvet you require

I can adapt the boxes to your own specifications and are totally bespoke to your needs.

Please contact me for details on


1. Solid wood box with window £130 (plus shipping)

2. Solid box without window £95 (plus shipping)

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