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I am now able to offer various types of repairs.


Please contact me at with your request.


Examples of repairs I am able to carry out include


1. Blade washer renewel – helps to firm up loose grips on various    types of dagger


2. SA and SS dagger grip restoration – this is done using furniture restoration wax and can improve grips that have chips missing and hairline cracks.


3. Pommel and tang rethread – repairs loose pommels that have threaded.


4. SA/SS/NSKK scabbard screw replacement – I will tap the hole and then replace the screw with a steel round head screw (not original screws).


5. SA/SS dagger scabbard repaint – old dents can be filled then re sprayed (ideal for SS and NSKK daggers).


6. Scabbard runner clean – the scabbard throat is removed then the internal runners are removed and cleaned (helps prevent further blade marks and an internal clean).


7. 1st pattern Luftwaffe  and Luftwaffe Sword scabbard and grip leather replacement- scabbard leather replacement using the Goat leather in navy blue as used originally.

 8. HJ Knife grip replacement - I can replace the front and rear plastic grips and replace the 2 rivets. I replacement HJ diamond can also be added if required.


9. HJ scabbard Leather strap replacement - we regularly see the leather straps missing from HJ knife scabbards. I can replace the leather strap and the leather part that fits around the grip.



Contact me for a free estimate.


If there are other repairs that you require please let me know.

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